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Readers Respond: Mexico Travel Safety Tips

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From the article: Mexico Travel Safety
Many people who travel to Mexico are worried about safety. Although the vast majority of them don't encounter any problems, as anywhere else in the world, tourists in Mexico are sometimes targeted for crime. I've compiled a list of simple safety tips that I think people should put into practice to avoid being a victim of crime. Is there anything special that you do to stay safe when you're traveling in Mexico?

Dental Tourism and Driving in Mexico

A popular destination for Americans who want to see a Mexico dentist is Rio Dental. This clinic provides transportation from El Paso, TX so you do not need to drive in Mexico. If going to a border dentist, you might be the wiser using one that provides transportation to avoid driving.
—Guest Joe

Careful With the Foods you Choose!

Mexico's water purifying and cleanliness isn't exactly the best. When buying vegetables and fruits clean them with bottled water. Eating unwashed vegetables or fruits could lead to serious diseases. Don't take chances with unwashed foods.
—Guest Dany

Be Careful wih the food you choose

Fruits and vegetables in Mexico may not be the best choice, unless you personally saw someone wash them or you did. They can carry diseases and like Salmonella and E-Coli. Also never drink, brush your teeth with, or wash your face with tap water. The water filtering system in Mexico isn't very good at all and you can get sick from it.
—Guest Hannah

Never Drive At Night

Never drive at night in Mexico. It is very dangerous! There are lots of thieves who set up road blocks so they can stop you, then they will steal your car and personal belongings, the safest time to travel is during the day. When sunset arrives look for a hotel. Don't ever drive at night!
—Guest Victor

Speak the Language

Mexico is a beautiful country. Just when traveling be sure to speak the language or take someone who is fluent in Spanish. DO NOT SHOW OFF.
—Guest Ruth

Don't Show Off

I would recommend you don't wear your expensive jewelery. You never know if there's someone out there ready to snatch it from you.
—Guest sandra mora

Careful Crossing the Street

Probably the biggest danger to tourists in Mexico is traffic accidents. Though Mexicans mostly don't, buckle up and be very careful when you're crossing the street. Red lights are not always respected...
—Guest jason

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