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Day of the Dead Altar for Pet Dog

Share Your Story: Your Day of the Dead Altar

By KarenGG

Day of the Dead Altar for Pet Dog

A close up of our altar.

Day of the Dead Altar for Pet Dog

Our altar with the papel picado above it.

My Day of the Dead altar was dedicated to:

Taylor, my dog who died recently, aged 16.

A dear colleague who touched my heart in a big way, Kayla.

Baby Jesus, upon the request of my 4 year old daughter!

My Day of the Dead Altar

We made a simple altar with some marigolds and cockscomb flowers, photos of those we were remembering and honoring, water, fruit, nuts, decorated bread my daughter had made at nursery school, and some dog treats for Taylor! Above the altar I hung papel picado. We missed out the arch, but will definitely create one next time.

How I made it

We began with a tablecloth on our coffee table, which we placed next to the wall. Then we placed the photos at the back, added the vases of flowers and glasses of water, and then the different foodstuff. We added our angel candleholders and papel picado at the end. With my 4 year old helping, the arrangement took some time but she enjoyed it immensely.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use the Mexican altar as a guide and create what feels right for you.
  • Enjoy this tradition to honor and remember those who have touched your life.

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