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Volaris Airline Reader Review

Reader Reviews: Mexico Airlines

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By Joel rodriguez


Name of airline 

Volaris airlines mex

Destination and date of flight 

Tijuana to Guadalajara, Mexico

Was your flight on time? 

Very late

Rate the airline service. 


Rate the value of your flight. 

Too expensive

How did you buy your ticket? 

Airline website

In-flight meal or refreshments? 

Bag of chips and soft drink

My Review 

My family and I were skipped during refreshments were bring served, the flight attendants were rude. The flight was 1hr late, on top of all that, it was a very scary and rough landing ...this was a terrible experience. I made a mistake on this airline. At the end of my ordeal trying to get a refund or even change the dates on my flight, was like pulling teeth .... customer service was unfair and not very understanding to my experience on their flight. I recommend never travel on a unknown airline because in the end, you pay more in experience. My return was on a bus. So sad and so costly.

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