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Romantic Hotels of Tulum: 5 Swoon-Worthy Getaways


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Romantic Hotels of Tulum: 5 Swoon-Worthy Getaways
Tulum romantic getaways

The perfect beach at La Zebra hotel, Tulum

Courtesy La Zebra Hotel

This laid-back beach town on Mexico’s Riviera Maya is a magnet for couples seeking solitude and romance amid wild, unspoiled beauty. The general vibe of the town may be low-key and rustic – most hotels have no electricity and offer simple accommodations – but there’s also sophisticated cuisine, fantastic beaches (several are clothing optional) and opportunities galore to unwind and be pampered.  Tulum has everything you need for a relaxed, back-to-nature honeymoon or romantic getaway.

Click on for five of our favorite hotels for sparking – or rekindling – the flame.

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