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A Walking Tour of Mexico City


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Plaza Tolsa, El Caballito
El Caballito statue

El Caballito

Photo by Bruce Herman, courtesy of the Mexican Tourism Board

Manuel Tolsa (1757-1816) was a Spanish sculptor and architect who arrived in Mexico in 1791. Some of his most famous works are:

  • the design of the Palacio de Mineria (across the street)
  • the conclusion of the Metropolitan Cathedral
  • this bronze statue of Charles IV
The statue is commonly known as El Caballito, meaning "little horse." It was originally placed in the Zocalo but when Mexico gained independence, the nation's first president, Guadalupe Victoria, had it removed. It resided in several different locations before being placed here, in the Plaza Tolsa, in 1979.

The impressive building behind the statue was completed in 1911 and since 1982 has housed the National Art Museum (Museo Nacional de Arte), which has a large collection of Mexican art, primarily paintings showing Mexico's art development between 1810 and 1950.

Museo Nacional de Arte

  • Open 10:30 to 5:30, Tuesday to Sunday
  • Admission: 30 pesos, free on Sundays
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Walk along Tacuba Street to Lazaro Cardenas. The Palacio Postal is on the corner.

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