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A Walking Tour of Mexico City


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The House of Tiles
house of tiles

La Casa de los Azulejos

&copy Suzanne Barbezat

Walk along Madero Street until you come to the corner of Filomeno Mata. Here you will see a house covered in blue and white tiles. This house, located at number 4 Francisco Madero Street, is covered in azulejos (tiles) from the state of Puebla, which are called talavera.

Built in the 16th Century, this mansion has an interesting history:

  • In 1737 the Count and Countess of Orizaba ordered the renovation of their home and the placement of the tiles.
  • From 1881 it functioned as a private men's club.
  • In 1917 it was converted into a drug store and soda fountain which eventually evolved into Sanborn's, a chain of restaurants and department stores, which is what it is today.

This is a good place to stop for lunch.

Directions: Exiting Sanborn's, walk 2 blocks North along Filomena Mata Street and you will arrive at the Plaza Tolsa, on Tacuba Street.

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