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A Walking Tour of Mexico City


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The Alameda Park
Monument to Benito Juarez in Mexico City's Alameda Park

Hemiciclo a Juarez Monument in the Alameda

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The Park
The Alameda Park is beside the Palacio de Bellas Artes, occupying an area comparable to two large city blocks. This park, the first in the city, dates from the 16th Century. You will find many fountains, statues and monuments interspersed with green areas.

Monument to Juarez
There is a monument to Benito Juarez on the South side of the park, called the Hemiciclo a Juarez, built in 1905. The semicircle of white marble columns was designed by Guillermo Heredia. At the top of the monument there is a statue of Juarez with an angel placing a laurel crown on his head. Juarez holds a book which represents the Constitution of 1857.

This is the end of the walking tour. Take a well-deserved rest, and consider having dinner at the Hospederia Santo Domingo.

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