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Mexican Handicrafts


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Mexican Handicrafts
Pot painter
Photo by Pablo de Aguinaco, courtesy of the Mexican Tourism Board

Mexico's beautiful handicrafts and folk art are the result of skill and knowledge that have been passed down through generations. In many cases the crafts come from the many Prehispanic cultures within the country, but 500 years of European influence has transformed it into a mixture of the two and unique to Mexico.

These days, when so many of the objects that surround us are poorly made mass-produced items of poor quality, owning a fine one-of-a-kind hand crafted item that was carefully designed and painstakingly created can be a real joy.It's even more so when you know that the money you spent on it helps artisans to continue working and maintaining their traditions and culture. On a trip to Mexico I encourage you to seek out artisans and see how they work. You'll surely come away impressed by the dedication, hard work, talent and time that goes into producing a piece of folk art. This is not just any souvenir, it's a reminder of your journey and your encounter with these dedicated people who work hard to preserve their heritage.

Many visitors to Mexico end up with bags twice as heavy on their return trip because they just couldn't resist the temptation to purchase lots of handicrafts! (Bring an extra bag, just in case, or have your finds shipped home for you - choose an expert packing service so that your pieces arrive intact.)

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