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Mexico has such a huge and colorful range of arts and crafts at mostly reasonable prices that you may find them irresistible!

Mexican Handicrafts
Mexico's beautiful handicrafts and folk art are the result of skill and knowledge that have been passed down through generations.

Oaxaca Rug Weaving
Wool rugs from Oaxaca state are a popular Mexican handicraft. They're made all by hand and dyed with natural colors.

Posters & Prints of Mexico Destinations
An art print or poster of your favorite Mexico destination makes a great souvenir. These posters and prints will remind you of the beautiful panoramas of your Mexican vacation.

Papel picado (cut paper)
Papel picado is a traditional folk art from Mexico that involves cutting out intricate patterns on colorful tissue paper.

Talavera Poblana
Puebla is world-renowned for its Talavera pottery which comes in various forms, including plates, serving dishes, vases and tiles.

Movies Set in Mexico
Discover Mexico through Hollywood's eyes by viewing these movies set in Mexico.

FONART - Mexican Handicrafts
FONART is Mexico’s government-run handicraft store. Profits from sales go towards funding the promotion of arts and crafts in Mexico. There are 3 shops in Mexico City and several other locations throughout the country, selling good quality handicrafts from all over Mexico. (Website in Spanish)

An alebrije is a type of Mexican handicraft. Read about the meaning of alebrije, and its history.

What is a Guayabera?

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