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A Walking Tour of San Miguel de Allende


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Jardín Principal
San Miguel de Allende's Jardin Principal

The jardín, San Miguel de Allende's main plaza

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San Miguel de Allende is the ideal town to explore on foot, with two caveats. Cobblestone streets are lovely but challenging to walk on, and San Miguel is quite hilly, so expect some steep climbs. Wear comfortable walking shoes!

Begin your walking tour in San Miguel's main plaza, the heart of town. In other places in Mexico the main square is called the zócalo but here it is always referred to as the Jardín (pronounced har-DEEN), the Spanish word for garden. Neatly manicured laurel trees provide shade. There are paths running through green areas and plenty of benches so you can have a seat and pass the time.

The kiosk in the center of the square is occasionally used by bands, at other times local children climb the steps and use it as a play area. During the hottest time of day there are few people here, but as the sun goes down it begins to fill up, and in the evenings you'll find the square bustling with activity.

There is free wi-fi in the Jardín; the signal is stronger on the north side near the municipal government building. Stop by the tourist information office at Plaza Principal #10 for a free map and details about the area's attractions. Sightseeing tourist buses depart from here several times a day.

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