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Puerto Vallarta Luxury Hotels and Resorts


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Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa
Garza Blanca Resort

The stunning infinity pool at Garza Blanca

Emma Sloley

Situated a short drive south of downtown Puerto Vallarta, this tranquil, high design resort offers grown-up luxury in one of the most beautiful parts of Banderas Bay.

Perfect For: Design-conscious couples wanting to get away from it all in pampered style


  • The stunning infinity pool, which seems to blend with the ocean
  • The spacious suites, which range from 3,714 to 6,109 square feet
  • Ultra-romantic Blanca Blue restaurant, whose elegant Mediterranean-influenced menu, peerless ocean views and impressive wine list make for a memorable dining experience

Phone: +52 (322) 176-0700 or for reservations from the US, +1 888-844-8169

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