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Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival


Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival

The Festival Gourmet International, held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has become a celebrated annual event in this popular Pacific Coast resort town.

Founded by chefs Thierry Blouet, Heinz Reize and Roland Menetrey in 1995, with six hotels and six restaurants participating, the festival has grown to include 20 of the city’s best restaurants, along with hosting high-caliber international guest chefs.

The program includes events such as chef's tables, winemaker dinners, chocolate pairings, cooking demonstrations, tequila tasting, wine and cheese events, and a gala dinner. All events are open to the public.

Held each November, the festival attracts gourmands and chefs from all over the world, helping cement Puerto Vallarta’s reputation as a world-class dining destination. 

Check the website for details, reservations and pricing: Festival Gourmet Puerto Vallarta.

Besides Puerto Vallarta's Gourmet Festival, there is another yearly event which foodies should not miss, Puerto Vallarta's Restaurant Week, held each May.

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