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Plan Your Trip to Mexico


Here you'll find essential information about Mexico, what you need to know before you go and tips for planning your trip. Use these resources to plan your Mexico trip
  1. When To Go to Mexico
  2. Entry Requirements
  3. Money Matters
  4. Transportation
  1. Suggested Itineraries
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Travel Tips and FAQs

When To Go to Mexico

When to go calendar

Choose the right time of year to plan your trip to Mexico. The weather and seasons vary throughout the country. Do some research to find out the best time of year to go to find the best weather, festivals, wildlife interactions and good deals.

Entry Requirements

Passport for Mexico Travel

What you need to know to get into the country: visas, travel documents, customs and immigration.

Money Matters

Learn about Mexican currency and find out how to manage your cash in Mexico: what you need to know about carrying money, exchange rates for the Mexican peso and other concerns about money for travel in Mexico.



Information on how to get to Mexico and the domestic transport options available to you once you get there.

Suggested Itineraries

Mexico Itineraries

Here are some itineraries to help you make the most of your time in Mexico.

Health and Safety

Stay safe and healthy on your trip to Mexico. Minimize your risks and avoid crime and illness.

Travel Tips and FAQs

Mexico Travel Tips: here are some practical tips and answers to frequently asked questions about traveling in Mexico.

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