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What To Do in Mexico


Mexico is a popular travel destination with many attractions for people of all ages and interests. From archaeological sites to nature reserves and water parks, there's plenty to see and explore.
  1. Festivals and Events in Mexico
  2. Mexico's Beaches
  3. Archaeological Sites
  1. Ecotourism and Adventures
  2. Self-Guided Walking Tours in Mexico
  3. Food and Drink in Mexico

Festivals and Events in Mexico

Planning your trip to coincide with a festival or holiday will ensure that your vacation is full of local color.

Mexico's Beaches

The beach on Isla Holbox

Mexico has nearly 6000 miles of coastline, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you enjoy swimming or water sports, or just lazing in a hammock listening to the sound of the waves, you're sure to enjoy Mexico's beaches.

Archaeological Sites

Mexico's ancient civilizations had developed writing, arithmetic and astronomy long before the arrival of the Europeans. Follow the links below to have a look at those civilizations and some of the most important archaeological sites in the country.

Ecotourism and Adventures

There are lots of opportunities to interact with nature, practice water sports and participate in all types of adventure tours in Mexico.

Self-Guided Walking Tours in Mexico

Walking tours are a great way to discover a new place. Here are some walking tours that will give you a chance to explore some of Mexico's great destinations on your own two feet.

Food and Drink in Mexico

From tamales and tlayudas to mole and salsa verde, Mexican cuisine combines flavorful ingredients with painstaking preparation, and is vital part of the experience of visiting Mexico.

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