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Mexican Airlines

Mexico's Leading Airlines


For years airlines Aeromexico and Mexicana dominated Mexico's air travel market. In recent years several low-cost airlines have emerged, offering passengers cheaper alternatives. Here's a list of Mexico's airlines to look into when contemplating air travel in Mexico.


AeroMexico Logo
Aeromexico is Mexico's largest airline and is based in Mexico City. This airline offers flights to many domestic destinations as well as to a variety of international destinations.


Interjet Airline
Based in Mexico City, and operating out of both the Toluca and Mexico City airports, Interjet airline offers flights to nearly 30 Mexican destinations and to several international destinations as well.


Viva Aerobus
Based in Monterrey, this low-cost airline operates flights to 27 Mexican destinations as well as a few destinations in the United States. Viva Aerobus is partially owned by the same company that owns Ryanair, and like its European counterpart, you can find some very good deals, but you have to watch out to not get stuck with extra charges.


Volaris Airline
Now Mexico's second largest airline, Volaris offers flights to over 30 Mexican destinations and several U.S. cities as well. Based in Toluca's international airport 50 km (31 miles) west of Mexico City, Volaris airline was established in 2006 and has hubs in Toluca, Guadalajara and Tijuana.
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