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The Weather in Mexico


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The Weather of the Baja Peninsula
Average Temperatures in Tijuana

Average Temperatures in Tijuana (click the graph to see it in full size)

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Mexico's Baja Peninsula comprises the states of Baja California and Baja California Sur. The total area of the Baja California Peninsula is 55 360 square miles (143 390 square kilometres), and it is over 680 miles long (1100 km).

Baja California

The climate in Baja California is temperate and rather dry, with Tijuana receiving an average of 9 inches (235 mm) of rain annually, and Rosarito 11 inches (273 mm), mostly between December and March. The Sierra mountain range divides the state and at the higher altitudes in the center of the state there is more rain. This is Mexico's wine-producing area. Toward the south of the state there are desert areas, with scorching summers and cool winters.

Baja California Sur

The southern part of the Baja Peninsula has warm winters and hot summers with occasional refreshing breezes. The coast of the Sea of Cortes generally has warmer temperatures than the Pacific coast. Los Cabos receives an annual average rainfall of 10 inches (25 cm), which falls mostly in September and October.

Current weather conditions and forecast for major destinations of the Baja Peninsula:

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