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Mexico's Attractions


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Mexico's Ancient Sites
Temple in Edzna

Edzna archaeological site, Campeche

Photo by Guillermo Aldana, courtesy of the Mexican Tourism Board.
Mexico was home to some of the world's great ancient civilizations. The Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mayas and Aztecs left their imprint on the land. Visiting their cities and temples fills the visitor with wonder at these ancient cultures.

Learn about Mexico's ancient civilizations.

Visit the Mayan archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. Chosen as one of the New 7 World Wonders, Chichen Itza is one of the Mayan sites you shouldn't miss!

On a visit to Mexico City, you shouldn't miss the Templo Mayor, the main temple of the Aztecs, as well as Teotihuacan.

More ancient sites in Mexico:

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