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Mexico's Attractions


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Mexico City
Mexico City

Dancers in prehispanic costumes in front of the Cathedral

Photo by Guillermo Aldana, courtesy of the Mexican Tourism Board.
A good place to start your trip to Mexico is in the heart of the country, the nation's capital, where ancient meets modern.

While you're there, don't miss Mexico City's top sights, including the National Museum of Anthropology.

A good way to get to know the historical center is by taking a walking tour. When your feet get tired, hop on the Turibus to enjoy the sights from a different perspective. And when hunger strikes, head to the Hosteria Santo Domingo for a great meal.

Mexico City is an excellent destination for travelers on a tight budget. There are lots of activities you can do for free, see Mexico's Top Free Things To Do, and it's quite easy to find a decent, cheap hotels. Here are a few: Cheap Mexico City Hotels.

Mexico City gets a bad rap; it's not as dangerous as many people think. However, like in any big city, you should be sure to take general safety precautions against theft.

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