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Travel to Mexico with your Pet

Rules for entering Mexico with pets


Many people travel with their pets to Mexico. If you'd like to take your dog or cat with you on your Mexican vacation, there are a few steps you should take in advance. You should have your pet examined by a veterinarian and your pet's immunizations should be up to date. You may need to present the following documents when entering Mexico with your pet:
  • A certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian within ten days of travel
  • Proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper administered at least 15 days before the pet's arrival in Mexico.
You may or may not be asked to present these documents, but you should have them with you just in case. You are allowed to enter with up to two dogs or cats. If you will be traveling to Mexico with more animals, you should contact the Mexican consulate or embassy nearest you for more information.

If you are traveling by air you will need to check with your airline well in advance about their rules for transporting pets. You should also be aware that many hotels and resorts do not accept pets, so you should inquire beforehand to make sure your furry friend will be welcome at your accommodations.

The following Web Site has information about hotels in Mexico that accept pets: Pet Friendly Accommodations in Mexico.

Bringing your pet back with you to the United States? The Center for Disease Control Web Site has a page on bringing animals into the US.

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