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Fountain in Morelia

Photo by Bruce Herman courtesy of the Mexican Tourism Board
Morelia, in colonial times known as Valladolid, was one of the country's first Spanish cities, founded by New Spain's first viceroy, Antonio de Mendoza. He encouraged Spanish nobles to settle there, and their presence brought about the construction of buildings which were both elegant and grandiose. As the birthplace of revolutionary hero Jose Morelos de Pavon, the town played a strategic role during the War of Independence. It was among the first to fall to the independence movement, and Morelos led his army from there on towards Mexico City. After Mexico gained independence, the town's name was changed in his honor.

Morelia maintains a very Spanish feel. The colonial buildings are well-preserved and the town plan is in typical Spanish style. It is a great place to appreciate Mexico's colonial architecture and is host to many cultural events throughout the year.

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