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Mexican Geography

Geography and Maps of Mexico



Map of Mexico

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Geography of Mexico

Mexico is the world's eighth largest nation, covering nearly 770 000 square miles (2 million square km). It is divided politically into 31 States and 1 federal district. Mexican schoolchildren refer to the Mexican map as a "cornucopia" because of its shape, wide at the top at its border with the U.S. (1947 miles long), then narrowing and curving to the East, with its narrowest point at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, where the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean are separated by only 125 miles of land. The land then widens out again, forming the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico is bordered by Guatemala and Belize to the South East.

Mexico's Topography

Mexico's Topography is marked by various mountain ranges:

  • Sierra Madre Occidental in the West
  • Sierra Madre Oriental in the East
  • Cordillera Neovolcánica in the center
There are lowlands along the coasts and in the Yucatan Peninsula and high plateau in the center of the country. See a relief map of Mexico .

Mexico maps:

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