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Camino Real Oaxaca

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Camino Real Hotel

The "lavaderos" or laundry of the Camino Real Oaxaca Hotel

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The Bottom Line

The Camino Real hotel in Oaxaca offers modern luxuries in a colonial setting.


  • Beautiful 16th Century building
  • Great location in the heart of Oaxaca's historic center
  • Excellent dining in El Refectorio restaurant


  • The outside rooms can be noisy
  • Not the best value in comparison to other hotels in Oaxaca


  • Address: Calle 5 de Mayo #300
  • Phone: 1-800-7-CAMINO / 1-800-722-6466
  • 91 rooms in total: 44 deluxe, 41 Camino Real Club and 6 Junior Suites
  • Rates range from $250 to $450 USD plus tax
  • On Friday nights the Guelaguetza, a dance show with buffet dinner, is presented in the chapel
  • Upgrades to the Camino Real Club have more spacious rooms, buffet breakfast and other amenities

Guide Review - Camino Real Oaxaca

Built in 1576, the Santa Catalina convent was home to Dominican nuns for almost 300 years. In the mid-1800s the State took over the property and used the building as a prison, government offices, and later as a school. In the 1970s a comprehensive restoration project was undertaken with the goal of returning the building to its original splendor. The restoration was beautifully done.

The hotel has very attractive grounds, with patios, courtyards and gardens, as well as a heated swimming pool with pool-side bar. One of the unique architectural features of the building is the "lavaderos" or laundry (pictured), an innovative hydraulic system with water constantly flowing from a central fountain to 12 peripheral wash basins. Guest rooms are decorated in understated Mexican style, with locally made rugs, bedspreads and drapes. Interior rooms overlook the hotel's courtyards and gardens, exterior rooms have windows onto the city streets, which are often noisy.

This is the most popular hotel in Oaxaca. The architecture and grounds are exquisite and the service is excellent. However, there are other hotels in Oaxaca that are nearly as charming at half the price.

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