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Mexico's 2010 Bicentennial Celebrations


Mexico's 2010 Bicentennial Celebrations

Counting down to September 2010:

In 2010, Mexico will commemorate the bicentennial of its Independence movement and the centennial of its Revolution with an extensive program of events. Mexicans and foreign citizens alike are invited to participate in these events to learn about and reflect on Mexico’s past.

The movement that led to Mexico's independence began on September 16, 1810, and the Mexican Revolution began on November 20, 1910, so there will be many events held on these dates in 2010, as well as other major projects that are being planned.

Here's a rundown of some of the bigger projects that are in the works for Mexico's 2010 bicentennial celebration.

Arco del Bicentenario - Bicentennial Arch:

A monument to commemorate the bicentennial will be constructed in Mexico City along the Paseo de la Reforma, the city's main avenue, beside the Torre Mayor. A contest was held for the design of this monument, and the winner was architect César Pérez Becerril with his design of two 104 meter high columns made of steel and covered in quartz. The Bicentennial Arch will be inaugurated on September 15, 2010.

Ruta 2010 - Route 2010:

This is a project undertaken by the Mexican Secretary of Communication and Transport (SCT), in conjunction with the Secretary of Tourism, which will mark several routes along highways throughout Mexico that were traveled either during Mexico's War of Independence or the Mexican Revolution. The routes will be marked with special signs and there will be historical information as well as historical information available along the way. Six routes have been chosen, three from the independence movement and three from the Revolution.

Individuals interested in retracing the military campaigns of these two periods of history will be able to travel the routes and access historical information at strategic points. You can download maps of the different routes in PDF format here: ROUTE 2010

Expo Parque Bicentenario - Bicentennial Expo Park:

Over 245 acres have been set aside for a Bicentennial Expo Park in the state of Guanajuato, where a type of world fair will take place from July through November, 2010. The Expo park will contain exhibitions and photographs that will teach visitors about Mexico's past and allow them to reflect on the future. Various pavilions will house cultural, historical, artistic, musical and ecological exhibits as well as featuring artistic, and folkloric events, gourmet tastings, and events highlighting Mexico’s heritage.

The Bicentennial Expo Park's grand opening is planned to take place on July 10, 2010, and special events will be held on September 15th for the grito, and on November 20th, the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

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