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Beach Warning Flags in Mexico

Mexico Beach Safety


Mexico Beach Flag
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Enjoying the beach can be one of the highlights of your Mexican vacation, but it's important to keep safety in mind should you choose to swim in the ocean. Strong undertow and rough surf are common on many of Mexico's beaches. Dangerous rip currents may be present even though there may be no visible indication from the shore. Before entering the water you should check the surf conditions and see if a warning flag is up.

A beach warning flag system is in use in many of the more popular beach areas. The colors of the beach flags have the following meanings:

Green Flag: Water conditions are safe for swimming.
Yellow Flag: Use caution while swimming.
Red Flag: Dangerous conditions.
Black Flag: The highest warning level. Do not swim.

Warning flags on beaches should be taken seriously. Always swim with a buddy and never leave children unsupervised near water.

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