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How to Have a Safe Trip to Mexico


Are you considering traveling to Mexico but you're worried it may be too dangerous? Headlines don't present an accurate picture of the safety of any particular place. Follow these steps to assess the safety of your destination and stay safe once you're there.

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Time Required: some time before and during your trip

Here's How:

  1. Read the travel alerts.
    The U.S. State Department and the governments of other countries put out travel alerts and travel warnings to alert their citizens of safety concerns. Pay attention to the particular geographical areas mentioned, and keep in mind that Mexico is a big country and not all areas present the same risks. Find out more about Mexico travel alerts and warnings.
  2. Look at a map.
    Where are you planning to go? Use our distance calculator to determine how far your destination is from problem areas.
  3. Ask someone in the know.
    Get information from people who live or who have recently traveled to your destination of choice, or speak with a knowledgeable travel agent about any worries you may have. These are people who can offer an insider's view into the destination and give you a much better idea of safety considerations than you would get from other sources. Mexico travel blogs can be a good source of information.
  4. Register your trip.
    The government of the United States and of many other countries allow citizens to register their travel information to facilitate assistance in case of an emergency. Find out how to register your trip.
  5. Take general safety precautions.
    There are some very simple steps you can take to avoid being a victim of crime on your vacation. Read our recommendations for safety precautions you should take.
  6. Take authorized taxis.
    Airports and bus stations in Mexico City and other large cities offer authorized taxi service which is safer than hailing a cab on the street. When available you should use this service or ask your hotel to call a taxi for you. Find out how to take an authorized taxi.
  7. Party safe.
    If you're heading to Mexico for spring break, there are some particular safety concerns you should keep in mind: spring break safety tips.


  1. Take responsibility for your own safety.
  2. Remember that bad things can happen anywhere and you're much better off seeing some of the world, traveling and enjoying life than staying at home worried about what might happen to you if you venture out.
  3. Don't worry too much. Millions of people travel to Mexico every year and only an infinitesimal percentage of those encounter any danger.
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