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Mexico Travel Warning

US State Department's Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts for Mexico


The US State Department issues travel alerts and travel warnings to advise citizens about circumstances that may pose a risk to their safety. Travel Alerts give information about short-term circumstances that people should take into account when visiting a particular country, whereas Travel Warnings describe long-term conditions that may make travel to a certain country, or specific areas within a country, inadvisable.

Current Travel Alerts and Warnings

Travel alerts and warnings for Mexico have been issued over the past several years to inform travelers about violence, particularly in the area along the US border due to drug trafficking; protests; and health concerns due to the outbreak of H1N1 (swine flu) in Spring 2009.

The current travel warning was issued on January 9, 2014 and is similar in tone to previous warnings. Read the full text of the Mexico travel warning on the State Department website.

Past Mexico Travel Alerts and Security Concerns in Mexico:

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