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Hurricane Season in Mexico

How to Avoid a Hurricane on Your Mexican Vacation


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Hurricane season lasts from June until November, though most hurricanes occur between August and October. Hurricanes and tropical storms in Mexico can affect weather on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific coast.

There are some advantages to travel during hurricane season: there are fewer crowds, and hotel rates and airfares may be lower - you can find some great travel deals. This season also coincides with summer holidays and it may be tempting for families to take advantage of lower prices to enjoy a family get-away.

There are risks involved in travel during hurricane season, however. The likelihood that a hurricane will hit while you are on vacation may be low, but if one does strike, it can completely ruin your vacation.

If you do decide to travel to a beach destination during hurricane season, there are some precautions you can take to minimize the risks involved.

Before you go:

  • Purchase travel insurance and make sure you're covered in the case that you must cancel or cut short your trip due to a hurricane. Shop around for a policy that meets your needs.
  • Find out if the hotel or resort where you will be staying has a hurricane policy or hurricane guarantee, and what the terms are.
  • Register your trip with your country's embassy.
  • Monitor the weather. You can check the National Hurricane Center Web Site for current tropical storm and hurricane conditions.
  • Leave a detailed itinerary of your trip with a friend or family member at home.

Some Ways to Avoid Hurricanes:

Take a cruise. A cruise ship can change its course and itinerary to avoid hurricanes and tropical storms. You may end up skipping a destination you had hoped to visit, but at least you will give a pass on bad weather.

Choose an inland destination. Mexico has more to offer besides beaches. Consider one of its beautiful colonial cities as an alternative.

Travel at a different time of year. Go in the winter or early spring to avoid hurricane season (though rarely a hurricane can strike out of season).

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