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Guadalajara Walking Tour


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Plaza de los Mariachis
Mariachi Square

Plaza de los Mariachis (Mariachi Square)

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The Plaza de los Mariachis is located at the intersection of Avenida Javier Mina and Calzada Independencia Sur, beside the San Juan de Dios church.

The official name of this plaza is Plaza Pepe Guizar, after the composer of the song "Guadalajara," but it is popularly called the Plaza de los Mariachis. The plaza was remodeled in 2009. It is most active in the late afternoon and early evening, but the neighborhood is not very nice after dark, so for your nighttime entertainment you should choose another spot.

There are a number of restaurants here, where you can have some refreshment, listen to mariachi music and relax after enjoying your walking tour of Guadalajara.

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