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Guadalajara Walking Tour


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San Juan de Dios Church
San Juan de Dios Church

San Juan de Dios Church

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The Templo San Juan de Dios is located on the corner of Javier Mina and Independencia. Guadalajara's first hospital was located on this site. The columns and arches on the north side are all that remain of the original structure. The present church was built between 1726 and 1750. The façade is in sober Baroque style, with sculptures of the Virgin of Sorrows, Saint Anthony and Saint John in the niches above the arched entrance. Inside, the main altar is dedicated to Saint John of God. The tabernacle and main altar are in white marble. The church's altarpieces are in neoclassical style with gold leaf.

The next stop on the Guadalajara walking tour: Plaza de los Mariachis, located to the south of the San Juan de Dios church.

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