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Guadalajara Walking Tour


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Mercado Libertad (Liberty Market)
Guadalajara's Mercado Libertad

Mercado Libertad, Market in Guadalajara

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The Mercado Libertad (Liberty Market) is also called the Mercado de San Juan de Dios because of its location in the Barrio San Juan de Dios (San Juan de Dios neighborhood). Designed by architect Alejandro Zohn, the market was inaugurated on December 30, 1958. This is one of the largest traditional markets in Mexico, with three different levels, and over 2600 stalls. It is open from 6 am to 8 pm daily. In this market you will find a large selection of goods including handicrafts, clothes, shoes, flowers, produce, leather goods, traditional candies, electronics, household items, and food stalls.

The next stop on the Guadalajara walking tour: San Juan de Dios church. You will find the church by walking along the perimeter of the market, and crossing at Avenida Javier Mina.

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