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A tianguis in a small Mexican village

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Tianguis is a word from the Nahuatl language (the language spoken by the Aztecs) which refers to an open-air market, particularly an itinerant market which may be installed in a different location on each day of the week. A wide variety of products may be sold in a tianguis, from produce and dry goods to livestock and mass-produced items. Some specialized tianguis will sell only one particular type of merchandise, for example, in Taxco there is a silver tianguis every Saturday, at which silver jewelery is sold. Tianguis are common throughout Mexico, both in rural and urban areas.

The term día de tianguis means "market day."

Pronunciation: tee-an-geese
Also Known As: mercado, market, open-air market, street market
Common Misspellings: tiangis, tangis, tanguis,
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