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Definition: Semana is a Spanish word that means "week."

These are the days of the week in Spanish:
Los días de la semana:

  • Lunes - Monday
  • Martes - Tuesday
  • Miercoles - Wednesday
  • Jueves - Thursday
  • Viernes - Friday
  • Sábado - Saturday
  • Domingo - Sunday
Learn about the planetary origins of the names for the days of the week in Spanish and English, or find out how to talk about units of time in Spanish.

Semana Santa
Semana Santa is "Holy Week." In Spanish-speaking countries, the Easter holiday is referred to as Semana Santa, and celebrations last for a full week. Semana Santa is an important holiday in Mexico. Mexican schoolchildren have two weeks holiday for Semana Santa, both the week leading up to Easter and the following week. Read about Mexico's Semana Santa celebrations: Semana Santa in Mexico.

Also Known As: week
If you travel to Mexico during Semana Santa, you should make hotel reservations far in advance.

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