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What to Eat in Puebla


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Puebla's Gastronomy
The kitchen at the former convent of Santa Monica, Puebla

Kitchen of the former convent of Santa Monica

© Suzanne Barbezat

Mexican food is incredibly varied and each region has its own particular dishes and specialties. As one of Mexico's foremost foodie destinations, the state of Puebla offers a variety of gastronomic delights. The state's unique combination of indigenous, Spanish and Arab influences has resulted in one of Mexico's most compelling cuisines.

Nuns from Puebla's convents played an important role in the development of several of Puebla's most iconic dishes during the colonial period. Poblano cuisine was perfected in these convents, as the nuns frequently entertained civic and religious personalities of the Viceroyalty. The photo above is of the kitchen of the former convent of Santa Monica, where Chiles en Nogada originated. The ingenious sisters combined a variety of ingredients, some indigenous and some of European origin to come up with this delicious and quintessentially Mexican dish.

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