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Oaxacan Food


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Spicy grasshoppers may not be on everyone's list of foods to try, but they are a popular snack in Oaxaca. After collecting them in a net, they are cleaned and then either fried or toasted on a comal with chili, lime, and garlic added for flavor. Then you can eat them, either by crunching them one by one, or putting them on a tostada or in a taco with some guacamole.

A popular legend says that if you eat chapulines, you'll return to Oaxaca some day. It's certainly worth a try!

If you feel adventurous enough to prepare some chapulines yourself, here's a recipe from About.com's Guide to Mexican Food.

Chapulines are a good source of protein and have been consumed in Oaxaca since prehispanic times, but they aren't the only insect that's eaten in Oaxaca. At the beginning of rainy season some bugs appear that are called chicatanas. They look like large ants with wings. These are toasted, ground up and prepared in a salsa.

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