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Oaxacan Food


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What To Eat and Drink in Oaxaca
Oaxacan Food
Creative Commons photo by Du Tran (Flickr)

Oaxaca is one of Mexico's foremost food destinations. The state's great diversity has added to the range of ingredients and methods of preparation, many of these dating back to prehispanic times. As is the case throughout Mexico, corn is the main dietary staple, and it is served in a seemingly infinite variety of ways. Flavorful moles, fresh herbs, quesillo and handmade corn tortillas are just a few of the elements that make Oaxacan food so special.

Oaxaca's markets and street food stalls, and many excellent restaurants are all good places to sample Oaxacan food.

Click through the links below to see some of the foods and drinks you shouldn't miss on a trip to Oaxaca.

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