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Mexican Flag Shooter (Bandera Mexicana)


Mexican Flag Shooter
&copy Suzanne Barbezat

This recipe is for a layered shooter with the colors of the Mexican flag, perfect for Mexican fiestas like Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day. While you enjoy these you can impress your friends with your knowledge of the history and meaning of the Mexican flag.


  • 1/3 oz grenadine
  • 1/3 oz white tequila
  • 1/3 oz green crème de menthe


This is a layered drink, so each ingredient is gently poured on top of the previous. Use the back of a spoon to disperse the liquid as you're pouring so as not to disturb the ingredients already in the glass.

Pour the grenadine into a shot glass.
Float the tequila on top of the grenadine.
Float the creme de menthe on top of the tequila.

See how to float or layer a drink.

More about the Mexican Flag Shooter:

This shooter is usually made with tequila, but the first time I had one was at a resort on the Riviera Maya and it was prepared with a local anise and honey liqueur called Xtabentun, instead of tequila. The ingredients may be varied as long as the colors are maintained. This drink is also sometimes served flaming, in which case some overproof rum may be poured on top and then lit, then it's called a Flaming Mexican Flag, and drunk (carefully!) through a straw.

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