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20 de Noviembre - Día de la Revolución


Dia de la Revolucion
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Revolution Day:

Mexicans remember and celebrate the Revolution of 1910 to 1920 every year on the 20th of November. This day is referred to as el Día de la Revolución, or commonly as el veinte de noviembre (the 20th of November).

The third Monday of November is a national holiday in Mexico in honor of Revolution Day.

20 de Noviembre Events:

The day is marked with parades and civic ceremonies throughout the country. There is a large parade in Mexico City's Zocalo, as well as speeches and official ceremonies. In cities and towns throughout Mexico schoolchildren dressed as revolutionaries participate in local parades.

The Mexican Revolution:

The revolution began in 1910, initiated by Francisco I. Madero to oust president Porfirio Diaz who had been in power for over 30 years. Read an overview of the Mexican Revolution and find out about its causes and ultimate outcome.

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