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Mexican Nativity Scenes


Nativity scenes, called "nacimientos" in Spanish, are an important part of Mexican Christmas traditions. I am always amazed by the creativity that goes into constructing these elaborate scenes, and the variety of materials that are used to create them. Here are some photos of nacimientos.
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dried flower nativity sceneDried Flower Nativity SceneBowl Nativity SceneNativity BowlTin Nativity SceneTin Nativity SceneA Mexican Nativity SceneA Nativity Scene in Levels
Nacimiento and PinataNacimiento with PiñataClay Nativity SceneMexican NacimientoA Traditional NacimientoLarge ceramic nativity scenePatio Nativity Scene
Three Folk Art Nativity ScenesA nativity sceneNacimiento3 Kings Christmas LightsMiniature Nacimiento
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