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What you need to know to get into the country: visas, customs and immigration.
  1. Mexico - Border Towns

Do I need a passport to visit Mexico?
Find out about entry requirements and whether you need a passport for travel to Mexico.

Mexico Travel Documents
For travel to Mexico by land and sea, there are a few valid travel documents that may act as substitutes for a passport.

Get a Passport
Resources to help you find out how to apply for and get a passport, including US and Canadian passports.

What is a passport card and how do I apply for one?
Offered as an alternative to the traditional passport, the passport card is geared toward US citizens who live in border areas and frequently cross by land or water into Mexico or Canada.

Does my child need a passport to travel to Mexico?
Entry requirements for children's travel to Mexico.

Letter of Parental Authorization for Minors Traveling to Mexico
When only one parent is traveling with a child, they must carry a notarized letter from the other parent authorizing the child to travel to Mexico. Here is an example letter.

What is a tourist card and how do I get one?
A tourist card, or FMT, is a tourist visa required for tourists in Mexico who will be staying longer than 72 hours, or traveling outside the United States-Mexico border zone.

What do I do if I lose my Mexico tourist card?
Lost your Mexico tourist card? Find out how to replace your tourist card (FMT).

I'm Canadian - do I need a passport to travel to Mexico?
Entry requirements for Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico

How do I extend my Mexican tourist card?
Is the time you were allotted on your Mexican tourist card insufficient? Do you need to extend your stay in Mexico? Find out how to extend your Mexico tourist card.

What is the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative?
Find out what the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative entails and the timeline for its implementation.

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