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Puebla Walking Tour


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Casa del Alfeñique
Casa del Alfeñique

Casa del Alfeñique

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4 Oriente 416

Alfeñique is a meringue-type candy. This house gets its name from the elaborate stucco-work reminiscent of this sugar and egg-white concoction. This was the home of Ignacio Morales, a wealthy ironworker, who ordered the house built in this style to humor his fiance (who was apparently very fond of meringue). The house was built in 1791 by architect Antonio de Santa Maria Inchaurregui.

The Casa del Alfeñique houses the Regional Museum of Puebla, which is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The interior is beautifully restored, the first two floors have exhibits depicting the history of Puebla and on the third floor you can see period furnishings and the family chapel.

Next stop on the walking tour: the handicrafts market, Mercado El Parian.

Directions: The Mercado El Parian, is located on the southwest corner of 4 Oriente and 6 Norte.

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