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Puebla Walking Tour


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Casa de los Muñecos
Casa de los Muñecos

Casa de los Muñecos

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"The House of Figures," 2 Norte 2.

The Casa de los Muñecos houses the University Museum. This building combines elements that were common in Pueblan 18th Century Baroque architecture: stonework, brick, tile panels, mortar and ironwork. There are human figures depicted on the tiles which have been interpreted in different ways.

The most common legend is that the owner of the house, Agustín Ovando de Villavicencio, wanted to build a third floor on his home. The city fathers would not allow it so he took his request directly to the king who granted his authorization. He built his third floor and had tiles making fun of the city fathers placed on it. An alternative interpretation is that the figures depict the trials of Hercules.

This is the end of the Puebla walking tour. Walk south on 2 Norte to the Zocalo (only half a block). You might enjoy a refreshing drink at the Royalty Restaurant on the North side of the Zocalo.

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