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Puebla Walking Tour


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Puebla's Zocalo
The Zocalo

Puebla's Zocalo

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This walking tour takes you around Puebla's exceptional historical center. Wandering through Puebla's streets you will be astounded by the number of lovely colonial buildings with charming detail and colorful tiles, and be surprised by glimpses into elegant courtyards.

Puebla's Zocalo has existed since the founding of the city in 1531 but was mainly used as a marketplace until the 1700s. Throughout history it has been a meeting place and social center of the city. This tree-lined square is surrounded by a variety of shops and restaurants.

The Palacio Municipal, Puebla's town hall, is located on the Zocalo's north side and was completed in 1906. The building is an example of the Franco-Spanish Renaissance style typical of public architecture in Mexico during the rule of Porfirio Diaz.

Next stop on the walking tour: Puebla's Cathedral.

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