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Posada Song Translation

Mexican Christmas Posada Song Translation


Here is a translation of the traditional song which is sung at Verses sung by the people requesting lodging (outside the doors of the home) in italics. Read the lyrics in Spanish: Posada Song: Pidiendo Posada.

In the name of heaven
I ask you for shelter,
for my beloved wife
can go no farther.

This is not an inn
Get on with you,
I can not open the door,
you might be a rogue.

Do not be inhuman,
Show some charity,
God in heaven
will reward you.

You may go now
and don't bother us anymore
because if I get angry
I will beat you.

We are worn out
all the way from Nazareth,
I am a carpenter
named Joseph.

Never mind your name,
Let me sleep,
I've already told you
We won't open the door.

We request lodging,
dear innkeeper,
for only one night
for the Queen of Heaven.

Well if it's a queen
who's asking
why is it that she's out at night,
wandering so alone

My wife is Mary.
she is the Queen of Heaven,
she will be mother
to the Divine Word.

Is that you Joseph?
Your wife is Mary?
Enter pilgrims
I didn't recognize you.

May the Lord reward you
for your charity,
and may the sky be filled
with happiness.

Happy home,
harboring on this day
the pure virgin,
the beautiful Mary.

The doors are opened and those outside enter as all sing:

Enter holy pilgrims, pilgrims
receive this corner
not this poor dwelling
but my heart.
Tonight is for joy,
for pleasure and rejoicing
for tonight we will give lodging
to the Mother of God the Son.

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