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Plaza de la Independencia

Campeche's Main Square, or "Parque Principal"


Campeche's Parque Principal

Campeche's Parque Principal, or Plaza de la Independencia

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Parque Principal
During the colonial period this square was initially known as the Plaza Mayor, later it was called Plaza de la Constitucion and in 1826 it was given the name it officially still holds today, Plaza de la Independencia. However, many people refer to Campeche's main square as the Parque Principal. The square has had many changes over the years (besides its name) but the image it presents today is regained from the early nineteenth century, with its central gazebo and trellis. This is the heart of Campeche, surrounded by many beautiful colonial buildings, including the Cathedral, the Campeche Library, the Portales and Casa #6, an elegant colonial period home which can be visited daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

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