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The Beaches of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera


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Half Moon Bay, Akumal
Akumal Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay, Akumal

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Nestled between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, Akumal is the perfect beach to do a little snorkeling or kayaking. The small inlet is protected from harsh seas and supports an area rich with coral and sea life. Just walk off shore and you step into an amazing underwater world. It's home to turtles, barracuda (take off your shiny jewelry when snorkeling!), a variety of small fish and yes, even a harmless shark or two. The beach itself is quiet and relaxing, though there are lots of shells and coral on the shore, water shoes make the walk more enjoyable.

Half Moon Bay is mostly populated by privately owned condos, often available for rent for weeks or months at a time. There are a couple of hotels and the nearby town of Akumal has a few intimate restaurants and a small grocery store. Dive shops are open seven days a week for trips to the nearby reef. Don't miss the great little beach bar "La Buena Vida", a relaxing spot for lunch on the beach and a few cold cervezas. Climb up their crow's nest, in a palm tree, for a great view of the colorful bay.

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