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The Beaches of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera


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Tulum Ruins Beach
The beach by the Tulum ruins

The Beach at the Tulum Ruins

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One of the most stunning vistas in the region can be enjoyed at the site of the Mayan ruins called "Tulum". After hiking through the jungle and walking through the ancient stone buildings of the walled city, one is suddenly struck by the vision of the shocking blue ocean against the backdrop of the ruins and cliffs. It will take your breath away. After descending the steep staircase, you find yourself standing on powder soft sand at the base of a wall of rock, with el Castillo (the castle) overhead and the playful waves of the Caribbean at your feet. It's the perfect place to connect with nature and history.

Tulum is a popular day trip from all parts of the region, often combined with a visit to the nearby eco-park, Xcaret, to enjoy encounters with the flora and fauna of the jungle and sea. The nearby town of Tulum is known for its rustic palapa-roofed hotels and charming restaurants, and there are a few sprawling luxury resorts in the outlying area.

Tulum is located about 120 kilometers or 75 miles south of Cancun airport, about a 90 minute drive on the main highway.

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