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Costa Maya


Xcalak, on the Costa Maya

Xcalak, Costa Maya

E. Zarwan Creative Commons

The Costa Maya, sometimes referred to as the "Grand Costa Maya," is the stretch of Caribbean coastline in the state of Quintana Roo which is located south of the Riviera Maya. This corresponds to the area south of Tulum to the border of Belize.

Some of the destinations in the Costa Maya are Majahual, Bacalar, and Xcalak. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (also known as the Great Maya Reef) is located across from the Costa Maya, making this an excellent area for scuba diving and snorkeling. Read about the best spots for scuba diving on the Yucatan Peninsula.

There is a port for cruise ships in Majahual. This sustained damage from Hurricane Dean in 2007, and was closed for several months while reparation work was ongoing.

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Also Known As: Grand Costa Maya
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